Rob Thomas Says Story of Abandoned One-Year-Old Terrier Is “Just Heartbreaking”

The singer hopes the dog will eventually find a good home to spend the holidays

Musician Rob Thomas has recently decided to draw both his fans' and the public's attention towards the story of an abandoned one-year-old terrier, now looked after by the staff at the Carson Animal Care and Control in Gardena, California.

What touched the musician's heart first and foremost was the fact that, because it had no family, the dog did not even have a name.

Thus, the staff at said animal sanctuary refer to it using a number, Ecorazzi reports.

As Rob Thomas puts it, “This is just heartbreaking.” “[I] hope she finds a good home for the holidays,” the celebrity went on to add.

Apparently, this dog was abandoned only a few days ago, and has yet to make head and tail of its new surroundings.

Because of this, it is rather shy and those who come at this shelter looking to adopt a pet tend to ignore it.

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