Rob Lowe Talks Casey Anthony Movie – Video

“Prosecuting Casey Anthony” premieres on Lifetime on January 19

Lifetime is getting ready for another major release which, this time, also proves to be a very controversial one. On January 19, it will air the drama “Prosecuting Casey Anthony,” which takes a look at one of the most mediated murder trials of our time.

Rob Lowe stars as Florida prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who fought to get a murder conviction against Anthony.

It would have been the perfect case to end an excellent career, Lowe explains in this new interview (embedded below) to promote the film.

Because of the body of evidence, Ashton never even imagined that he would lose – and this film will show his reaction to the news, as well as offer an inside look into the controversial case.

Reports online claim that Casey Anthony, who is currently in hiding after being acquitted of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, is “terrified” that the release of the film will translate for her into a fresh wave of death threats.

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