Rob Kardashian Isn’t Sorry for Bashing Rita Ora on Twitter

He had to make her hate him, he says on the latest episode of the family’s reality show

In December, Rita Ora’s relationship with Rob Kardashian ended in scandal, as he took to his Twitter to vent and find some comfort for his broken heart in calling her names and accusing her of cheating. This was something he just “had” to do, Rob says on the latest episode of his sisters’ reality show.

Airing on E!, the latest episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami saw Rob reveal the reason for the foul-mouthed outburst against his former girlfriend, Reality TV Magazine reports.

He did not apologize and he made it clear that he didn’t feel sorry for the way he acted, saying only that this was something that had to be done for him to be able to move forward with his life.

“I posted what I posted to keep myself from taking her back. Every time she messed up, I took her back for over a year now. I just had to do that to make her hate me,” Rob explained himself.

“That,” as we also reported at the time, included Rita sleeping with about “20 dudes” while she was dating him, and becoming pregnant and getting an abortion without even telling him.

It also included sleeping around with whoever promised her a career boost even though, as per Rob’s words, she had a man who loved her and was faithful to her at home.

On the same episode, Kourtney tried to explain to Rob where he was wrong in tweeting such nasty things about Ora but, contrary to what you might expect, they had to do with the way he would be perceived afterwards.

“She’s the one who’s in the wrong but she’ll probably try to make it like you’re in the wrong for posting it,” Kourtney told her brother.

“I don’t want people to think I’m being a [expletive],” Rob responded.

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