Rob Kardashian Accused of Robbing Paparazzo over Shirtless Pic

Photographer files police report, says reality star came at him out of nowhere

Rob Kardashian, the brother of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and a reality star / designer on his own, is being accused of going after a photographer, snatching her camera and just walking away with it.

TMZ reports that a paparazzo, who is not working with them, has filed a police report against Rob, claiming that he simply went after her after realizing he had been photographed without his shirt.

Fans of any of the Kardashian reality series must know that Rob is now trying to lose the extra weight through dieting and exercise, with the aforementioned celebrity publication writing that this might have had a lot to do with his rash gesture.

“Rob Kardashian allegedly just jacked a photog's camera equipment, law enforcement sources tell TMZ – and according to the photog, it was all because she snapped shirtless pics of the reality star,” the e-zine writes.

“The photog – not TMZ – filed a robbery report this afternoon, telling cops Rob snatched part of her camera and took off,” adds the same media outlet.

Admittedly, Kardashian went “berserk” when he realized that paparazzi were taking his photo shirtless, so he just went for the one closest to him.

He simply snatched part of the camera and took off but, to his credit, he did tell the paparazzo that he had plans of repaying her later.

“Rob's in the middle of a big weight loss program and he's obviously trying to keep his bulge under wraps. Police are currently investigating,” TMZ further writes.

The weight loss program in question is The Game’s 60 Days of Fitness. Both Rob and Khloe Kardashian have been on it, as various paparazzi shots available online can attest.

In fact, they probably explain for how the rumor that Khloe is having an affair with The Game got started in the first place.

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