Rob Gronkowski Runs Up $9000 (€6,825) Tab for Super Bowl Party

The player left a massive tip of $1,400 (€1,060)

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is a big spender, and his tab at this year's Super Bowl party is enough to put the likes of Paris Hilton to shame.

He reportedly partied hard with his friends on the day of the Big Game, dishing out $9000 (€6,825) for the Super Bowl extravaganza.

The Los Angeles Times relays that among the most expensive drinks he ordered was Grey Goose vodka, paying $1,575 (€1,200) for three bottles.

They partygoers also drank one bottle of PJ Rose champagne from 2002, worth a whopping $1,250 (€950).

At the end of the meal, Gronkowski was kind enough to tip the servers $1,400 (€1,060). After all, he can afford it, having won a reported $2.6 million last season.

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