Roadkill Couture: Dead Animals Turned into Outfits by Innovative Artist

The animals used to make these clothes were all “ethically sourced,” Jess Eaton says

The fashion industry and animal rights activists do not really see eye to eye when it comes to using fur and other animal parts to make clothes, yet one artist named Jess Eaton might have just found a solution for this problem.

This is because, although this designer uses raw materials such as fur coming from cats, alpacas and the like, and feathers taken from seagulls and geese, all of these animal parts are “ethically sourced.”

To cut a long story short, Jess Stone turns roadkill into haute couture outfits. Besides roadkills, the artists used animals which died of natural causes, Daily Mail explains.

Therefore, nobody can accuse her of animal cruelty, the artist firmly believes.

What is even more shocking is that one of her latest collections also featured a human ribcage, which was more or less successfully re-purposed as a necklace.

“Some people are protective of animals and assume that all fur products are the result of an animal being slaughtered for the purpose of fashion. But Roadkill Couture is different and I want people to be able to wear these products with confidence,” Jess Stone says.

According to the same source, Jess Stone draws her inspiration from the fairy tales she read or heard when she was only a child.

This supposedly explains why the dresses she makes (such as the wedding gown in the picture) have an out-of-this-world feel to them.

Jess Stone hopes that her designs will help raise awareness with respect to how we treat animals and relate to them.

“We eat the meat from animals every day and then we throw away their bones and fur - it's all just waste.”

“But when I take these parts of a dead animal and turn them into beautiful pieces of clothing that can be enjoyed for many years to come, it makes people question their feelings about what's acceptable,” the artist said.

If you want to learn more about Roadkill Couture, check out the video below.

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