Road Built Around Elderly Couple's Home in China

The Baogens were dubbed “Nail Householders” because removing them is almost impossible

In the city of Wenling, Zhejiang province in China, the motorway literally goes around a house. Seeing as they were being awarded insufficient compensation to rebuild from the Government, Luo Baogen and his wife refused to move their home.

The elderly couple are the only inhabitants of the five-story building, according to Daily Mail. Even as their neighbors moved on, they refuse to do so.

Their determination annoys officials so much, they were dubbed “Nail Householders,” an expression used to describe those who stand in the way of property developers by clinging on to their spots. They are as difficult to remove as an old nail is from a piece of wood.

I only wonder how they cross the street, since I don't see a pedestrian crosswalk in the picture. That would mean that officials can fine them for jaywalking every time they leave the house.

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