Riverside Explosion Destroys Home, Gas Leak Cited as Possible Cause

Two neighboring homes were damaged, one caught on fire

An explosion took place Friday morning in California and it was contained without causing injuries.

The blast took place in a residential neighborhood in the town of Riverside, destroying a home and causing damage to at least two other ones.

Officials believe that a gas leak has prompted the explosion. The Southern California Gas Company was on the scene and helped put off the blaze by stopping the gas line supply. After gas was shot off, the fire department stepped in and put an end to the flames.

“It's unfortunate someone's house blew up, few houses were damaged. But we're also very relieved that no one was injured, and no firefighters were injured,” Capt. Bruce Vanderhorst with the Riverside Fire Department describes for KABC-TV.

The incident was reported on Cochise Drive near Ivanpah Place after 4 a.m., the Epoch Times wrote. Flames have been spotted in the area where a natural gas line is located.

“We heard an explosion, and we got out of our bed, and when I came into the front room, both windows on that side of the house, the far side of the house, nothing but fire and flames.

“It was mayhem. [...] You could hear the gas line just going like crazy,” describes resident Wayne Keller, who was at home with his wife and dog.

After a house near the residence caught on fire and a second home was damaged, the entire area was evacuated. The wrecks of the home leveled in the explosion were searched with a cadaver dog.

Police originally believed that a plane had crashed in the area, judging by the extensive damage to the neighborhood.

“I thought it was an earthquake. [...] My son said it sounded like a car hitting our house,” neighbor Mary Holley recalls.

“There was massive embers all over the place. [...] I got my hose out and tried to just keep my roof wet,” Craig Erickson adds.

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