Ringly Is a Push Bluetooth Smart Ring That Looks like Jewelry

Ringly will relay notifications from your smartphone to your finger

It has happened to all of us, being in an important meeting and feeling our phone buzz in our pocket. Most of us would probably be curious about the nature of the notification, but your boss wouldn't take it particularly well if you took your handset out in the middle of an important strategy discussion.

But what if you had a notification-relaying gizmo camouflaged in something completely harmless, something that nobody would question you bringing in the board-room?

This idea has been the driving force of the folks behind Ringly, a smart ring which puts notifications right in front of your eyes.

The rings are being launched today and they work by virtue of connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Setting the device up is very easy, as all you have to do is configure the ring in its companion app so it lets you know when you have received a phone call, emails or a notification.

Notifications arrive to your thumb by virtue of colorful light and soft, calm vibrations, so you’ll never miss a call again and you won’t have to have your phone set out on the tablet while you’re eating dinner either.

Unlike other smart rings we have talked about in the past (remember Ring?), Ringly looks pretty push. The smart wearable has been designed to resemble jewelry and arrives with semi-precious stones set in a gold-plated metal, giving them a vintage feel and look.

The app allows users to hand-pick which notifications they end up seeing on the smart ring and what kind of light flash you want to see when this happens.

Overall, the device looks very stylish and hip, but we’re afraid ladies will find it more appealing than gentlemen will.

Under Ringly’s hood lies a light, motor, battery and accelerometer. Even if at this point, the ring is only capable of relaying smartphone notifications, the team behind the endeavor is looking to expand its functionality.

Ringly’s future applications might make use of gesture controls and enable easy mobile payments, unlocking doors and so on.

Those interesting in grabbing this posh smart ring have the option of choosing between Black Onyx, Emerald, Pink Sapphire or Rainbow Moonstone, which translates into black, green, pink and white stone color options.

Ringly works both with Android and iOS devices and can be pre-ordered today for the relatively affordable price of $145 / €107.


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