Rihanna Would Make Great James Bond Girl Because She’s “Dirty” – Video

Daniel Craig promotes “Skyfall,” talks about the pressure of being James Bond

If you ever wondered who would win a make-believe competition for the best Bond girl, Beyonce or Rihanna, Daniel Craig is here to provide the answer. Check out the video above to hear it straight from him.

Speaking with Global Grind to promote the latest installment in the franchise, “Skyfall,” Craig dishes all the details on playing Bond, the pressure to live up to such an iconic character, the events in the film and, last but not least, possible contenders for future Bond girls.

Though they’re notoriously short-lived or, best case scenario, mere fleeting appearances, Bond girls are essential to the franchise and, as such, actresses queue to get the part because of the wonders it can work on their career.

If Craig were to choose between Beyonce or Rihanna, he’d go for the latter.

“Rihanna, I think,” he says when asked who’d be best. As for why she’d beat Beyonce for the part, he explains with a grin: “She's dirtier.”

As of November 9, “Skyfall” is also running in US theaters.

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