Rihanna Sports Bloody Knee After London Club Melee

Photo of minor injury on star’s knee goes viral, gets people talking

Rihanna flew to London for the Fashion Week over the weekend but, somehow, she managed to make headlines for reasons not related to her involvement in the event, but rather for being photographed with a bloody knee after a club melee.

The Mirror writes that Rihanna herself was not involved in the brawl, in the sense that she did not initiate or provoke it in any way.

According to reports online, it was a male fan who caused the hubbub by throwing a bottle at her, presumably upset that she was back with Chris Brown again after he beat her up back in 2009.

“According to an eyewitness, as Riri left The Box nightclub in Soho at 4am, a man threw a Lucozade bottle at her leg. It caused her to stumble and fall, and she cut her knee on the pavement,” The Mirror writes.

“Her assailant was apparently screaming angrily about her on-again/off-again boyfriend Chris Brown. Her bodyguard bolted after the offender, but he also fell, requiring hospital treatment,” adds the same media outlet.

TMZ, on the other hand, notes that Rihanna scraped her knee against a metal grate in the ensuing shuffle after the man threw the energy drink bottle.

In all fairness, Rihanna’s injury was minor but, as worried fans point online, this could have ended badly.

“It was a chaotic night all round,” The Mirror goes on to say. “The singer had flown half-way across the globe to pick up a tidy £800,000 [$1.24 million / € 928,150] paycheck to show her debut Rihanna For River Island collection. But the oversubscribed, nine-minute fashion show started 50 minutes late and saw Rihanna, 24, on stage for a mere 30 seconds.”

Thought Rihanna and Chris Brown were all loved up at the 2013 Grammy Awards, by Valentine’s Day, they had already broken up and were no longer on speaking terms, as we also reported over the weekend.

Either the fan ignored that, or he chose to lash out at Rihanna regardless.

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