Rihanna Smacks Michael Cera, Pics Go Viral

Red band trailer for “This Is the End” causes a storm online – of the good kind

Rihanna’s performance in “Battleship” was panned by critics and even by fans, but that’s not stopping her from flirting with the idea of being an actress. This time, I think, she will fare considerably better.

RiRi has a cameo in Seth Rogen’s insane apocalyptic comedy “This Is the End,” which got a brand new trailer a couple of days ago.

You can see it here, but *please note that discretion is heavily recommended before viewing it because of language and images of violence that could offend.

So, two days after the release of the trailer, all that people seem to be talking about is how hard Rihanna slaps Michael Cera when he’s bold enough to feel her up.

To illustrate, a couple of GIFs (not included in them is her line, “Don’t [expletive]-ing touch my bumper, [expletive]!”).

Don’t worry though, Cera didn’t live to grope other pop stars who might have made an appearance in the trailer.

“This Is the End” will be out in June.

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