Rihanna Says Eminem Is a “Real Man,” Not Chris Brown or Drake

RiRi can’t even be bothered by the new bromance between her two exes

There was a time when Rihanna kept going back and forth between Chris Brown and Drake, but it looks like she’s finally closed that chapter in her life. Now on tour with rapper Eminem, the Barbadian beauty believes she has a better appreciation of what a “real man” is like.

Hint: he’s nothing like Chris or Drake, an insider close to the pop star reveals for Hollywood Life. That’s because Em is the very definition of “real man,” Rihanna has come to believe.

“He’s the realest. She says it’s been a while since she’s been on stage with a real champion who gets it in a long time,” the insider reveals.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean that Rihanna harbors any kind of romantic feelings for Em or that there’s anything romantic going on between them. Admittedly though, they would make a very neat couple and we believe many of their joint fans would be happy if they started dating in real life.

It’s just that Rihanna is now at a stage in her life and in her career where she can’t even understand how she could get so fixated on Chris or Drake. So she doesn’t even care anymore that they kissed and made up, or that they’re about to release music together.

Neither does she care that Drake publicly dissed her this week, when he displayed her image in fiery red, accompanied by the Number of the Beast, 666, thus suggesting in no subtle terms that she was the Devil.

“She’s not worried about what Chris is doing or who he’s trying to sleep with tonight because it’s going to be somebody else tomorrow. She’s not worried about Drake and would wish he’d do the same,” the tipster reveals, adding that, right now, Rihanna is flying completely solo.

And she plans to keep it that way for a while longer.

As for Chris and Drake’s new bromance, Rihanna is amused by it. “Maybe they’re there, listening to her music and trying to figure out how they can sell albums and make millions by simply snapping their fingers. Ha, yeah, she thinks they should be trying that,” says the tipster. Burn.

Chris and Drake are the two men Rihanna dated the longest. Until not long ago, the two were actually sworn enemies, after Drake dissed Chris in a club by telling him something about his fling with Rihanna. A fight started and the club was almost entirely trashed in the process, and for months the two continued to trade insults whenever they crossed paths, including on social media.

When Rihanna broke up with Drake for good and Chris decided to stick with his current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, they were finally ready to talk about the possibility of putting all differences aside for the sake of making music.

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