Rihanna Photographed Leaving Ashton Kutcher's Apartment

They might be just friends, but it's highly unlikely, online reports say

There might be a new, good looking and extremely surprising couple in town. Rihanna was just photographed leaving Ashton Kutcher's apartment, sending the rumor mill into overdrive with speculation of a new romance.

The two, both single, at least officially, have never been linked in the press before but, as they say, there's a first time for everything.

TMZ has photos to confirm that Rihanna did indeed visit the “Two and a Half Men” star at his place, in the dead of night no less.

“Rihanna – and her security team – stopped by Ashton Kutcher's swanky LA house for a little late night visit Wednesday,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

The same report hints that this is no courtesy visit either, implying that the two might be dating and, by the looks of it, trying to keep it under wraps for the time being.

“According to the photographer, the 'Birthday Cake' singer got to Ashton's home right around midnight... and didn't leave 'til roughly 4 AM,” TMZ explains.

“As we previously reported, Justin Bieber recently checked out Ashton's $10 million bachelor pad on his high-end real estate hunt... but we're guessin' Rihanna wasn't there for an open house,” adds the same publication.

As far as the world knows, Ashton Kutcher is single, having split from wife of 6 years, Demi Moore, a few months ago.

While she's currently recovering after rehab for an alleged drug addiction and eating disorder, Ashton has been keeping a very low profile, though some reports claim he's already moved on with another woman.

Rihanna, on the other hand, was at one point said to be back with her abusive ex Chris Brown, but neither wanted to clarify the reports.

In a recent television interview, Rihanna insisted she wasn't seeing anyone at this time, even adding that single life was “overrated” from where she stood.

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