Rihanna Falls Down Hard in Concert in Edmonton

It happens to the best of them: during a recent concert in Edmonton, Rihanna took a serious tumble onstage but, contrary to what some may have expected of her, she got up and continued performing, like a pro.

As the video embedded at the end of this article will show, the mishap occurred as Rihanna was performing her hit single “What’s My Name” and she tripped on her high-heel boots.

During the sassy choreography, the singer didn’t have a problem, but all that changed when she tried to make her way back to where her dancers were.

She tripped on her boots and fell on all fours. Rihanna’s reaction was one of disbelief at first, but she immediately got up and continued performing, shrugging the whole thing off with a smile, which made her fans appreciate her even more.

Rihanna herself tweeted about the fall, saying she blamed it all on her boots.

“Did I tell u guys I fell in Edmonton! Lol,” she wrote. “my [expletive-]in patent leather shoes got stuck together!!! Lol,” she added.

In other Rihanna-news, but unrelated to the onstage incident, the singer launched a bitter verbal attack on MTV News Canada over the weekend on Twitter, over a story they posted online about how she’d admitted she had provoked Chris Brown the night he violently beat her up.

“I admit it. I provoked Chris to hit me. It was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY,” MTV News cited Rihanna as saying on the same social networking website.

Apparently, MTV didn’t bother to double-check the tweet or whether it really came from the singer herself, PopEater informs, prompting a very harsh reaction from her.

“@mtvnewscanada are u [expletive-]ing kiddin me?????? You’re supposed to be a RELIABLE source for news on music and this is the bull[expletive] u post??” Rihanna lashed out.

At the time this went online, MTV News Canada still hadn’t responded to Rihanna’s questions.

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