Rihanna Curses Out Her Band on 777 London Live Show – Video

Pop star says being rock n’ roll like that did not allow them to rehearse

Rihanna has just wrapped the 777 (7 Days, 7 Cities, 7 Countries) tour to promote her latest album, “Unapologetic.” It did not go without a glitch, as was to be expected.

The video here shows Rihanna performing in London. Because of several instances of potentially offensive language, we can’t embed it so *please be advised that discretion is recommended before clicking through.

At one point during her live performance of “Where Have You Been,” Rihanna cuts short the number to scold her band.

“Alright, what the [expletive]. Stop this [expletive]. What the [expletive] is that?” Rihanna said, motioning her band to stop playing.

“Why is the track off from the band? This is the bull[expletive] we deal with when we are just doing a random rock and roll tour with no rehearsal and [expletive],” she continued, turning to the audience.

Rihanna apologized to fans streaming the show at home and then delved into the song once more, from the top. But she was definitely not amused.

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