Rihanna Confirms 2013 World Tour

Fans should expect something bigger, more colorful, better

While she's focusing on getting her acting career off the ground, Rihanna is also making music plans. She's just confirmed a world tour for next year so, fans, get ready for it.

Speaking with Capital FM about her acting debut, in “Battleship” where she plays a Marine out to save the world from an alien invasion, Rihanna also let it slip that she's preparing for a world tour in the meantime.

Fans should know to expect something bigger, more spectacular and, as such, better than the 2011 tour, RiRi says.

“We're going to be going on tour next year. So this year we're spending out time planning to make sure it's bigger than anything we've done and something more impactful, maybe something different, so my fans can get excited about it,” the pop star explains.

Pressed for details, Rihanna adds it's “too early to talk!” but fans have already learned what's more important: she'll be going on a world tour next year.

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