Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy Snapshot Goes Viral

Meet the former Brazilian model who is forced to live on the streets

30-year-old Rafael Nunes has been dubbed “Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy,” after a snapshot of him went viral on Facebook, with over 40,000 shares.

This picture of Nunes covering himself with a ragged blanket was snapped by a tourist in the Brazilian town of Curitiba.

According to the Daily Mail, Nunes is a former model, who has been living on the streets for a year. He acknowledges the fact that his drug problem was the main factor that led him to his current living condition.

Nunez's family have tried to reach out to him, but were unsuccessful until recently. Last Saturday, they checked him into a clinic in San Paulo.

“It’s killing my dad. It’s killing my mother, killing my brother,” he said.

The young man feels discouraged, and believes society judges people in his situation, instead of lending a helping hand.

“And the society looks down on my situation. I’ve encountered people where, the worse your situation, the more they don’t even see that you’re human,” he explains.

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