"Ridiculously Good-Looking Surgery Baby" Has a Million Fans

A brave three-month-old that sustained open-heart surgery became everybody's sweetheart

A three-month-old takes the title for "Ridiculously Good-Looking Surgery Baby," awarded to him by the more than one million Reddit users that saw his photo.

Joey Powling Jr. had been diagnosed with a hole in his heart, even from fetus stage. His only chance to be free from the condition, tetralogy of Fallot, or TOF, was to go under the knife.

Five days after Joey underwent open-heart surgery, his mother, Sarah Powling, took this picture of him, and it was uploaded online by the baby's uncle, Matt Tassone. It was the first time Sarah saw her son's scar in full.

The operation that took place on October 25, at Boston Children's Hospital, was successful but left him with a large scar on his chest and stomach, the Lowell Sun writes.

"My 3month-old nephew just had openheart surgery. Chicks dig scars, right?," the description of the photo read.

As comments go, our favorites have to be "[He is] a baby Bruce Willis," and the self-deprecating "That baby is manlier than me.”

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