Ricky Martin Embraces Vegetarianism, Says He Feels Great

The singer has been a vegetarian for 7 weeks, kept it a secret until now

About seven weeks ago, Ricky Martin decided to bid meat and dairy their farewell. Long story short, the singer became a vegetarian, simple because he came to understand that eating just fruits, veggies and the like could help one feel both healthier and more energetic.

Despite his keeping silent on this topic for quite some time, Ricky Martin has now agreed to go public with the news of his being a vegetarian.

According to Ecorazzi, the celebrity tweeted the following message: “7 weeks on a #vegetarian diet! I feel amazing! #NoFish #NoRedMeat #NoChicken.”

It comes as only logical that certain animal rights activists will be glad to hear that the singer has decided to offer his support to ongoing campaigns meant to rid the food industry of its links to animal cruelty.

More so given the fact that having ever-increasing numbers of vegetarians around also helps protect the environment.

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