Ricky Gervais Finds New Moniker for Hunters

The comedian does not think hunting counts as a sport

Comedian Ricky Gervais is fairly busy these days. Recently, he was kind enough to offer people some shopping tips for the upcoming holiday season, and not long after he took it to himself to revolutionize the English language.

According to Ecorazzi, what Ricky Gervais wants is that people get it through their heads that hunting does not count as a sport, and that the people who take pleasure in killing a defenseless animal do not deserve being called “hunters.”

On the contrary, the comedian would have the words “hunting,” and “hunter” replaced with two new ones that he himself created. To figure out what these words are, just replace the first letter in the aforementioned words with the third letter of the alphabet.

“Sport is fair. If hunting was a sport the animal would have a gun too,” Ricky Gervais wrote on Twitter. “If it doesn’t you can’t call yourself a sportsman,” he added.

Interestingly enough, the comedian's little vocabulary lesson came shortly after a picture of a TV presenter smiling next to the corpse of the lion she had just killed went viral. By the looks of it, it was this picture that angered Ricky Gervais to such an extent that he started inventing words.

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