Rick Ross Responds to Drive-by Shooting: “Don’t Kill My Vibe”

New post-attack track waxes poetic on mortality, enemies, the environment

The other day, Rick Ross was the intended target of a drive-by shooting in Florida, but he and his rumored girlfriend walked away unscathed from the attempt, and the subsequent car crash. Below is his response to the incident.

While most media outlets are struggling to get in touch with the rapper to find out what happened and what could have prompted such a vicious attack, he’s doing what he knows best: rappin’.

The track below, called “[Expletive], Don’t Kill My Vibe,” was released shortly after the attack, and includes lyrics that wax poetic on mortality and enemies.

“Sometimes I look in the mirror, I can't believe I'm alive./ Disrespectful to [N-word]s that want take me alive/ Wishing death on you [N-word]s, we'll never see eye to eye/ Somehow I pray for you [N-word]s at the very same time,” Ross raps.

Check out the song but, useless to say, *please note that caution is recommended when playing it because it contains language that might offend.

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