Rick Ross Crashes Rolls Royce in Florida Drive-by Shooting

Rapper and another passenger in the car were not injured in the incident

Gangsta rapper Rick Ross was involved in a serious accident in Florida only hours ago: he and a fellow passenger were targeted in drive-by shooting, which resulted in their car crashing into an apartment building.

Though details on this are scarce right now, it seems that neither passenger was injured.

No word yet on who the assailants were or whether Ross and the other man responded by opening fire as well.

“According to witnesses and reports, rapper Rick Ross was the target of a drive by shooting in Fort Lauderdale, FL this morning,” Consequence of Sound reports.

“NBC6 News reports that around 5:00 a.m, over 20 shots were fired at a Rolls Royce from another vehicle. When the Rolls Royce tried to get away, the car crashed into a building on 311 SE 15th Avenue, just off Las Olas Blvd,” the same media outlet notes.

Officially, Rick Ross’ name hasn’t yet been tied to the incident, because he’s considered a victim and the names of the victims are not released to the press as a role.

Nevertheless, various eyewitnesses confirm that the rapper was in the car. Presumably, he was just coming or going from a house he’d recently purchased in the area.

Videos of the crash have emerged online but, for the time being, these are all the details available. Police are investigating.

This is not the first time in recent months that Ross is linked to an ongoing police investigation: in December last year, police looked into death threats he’d been receiving from a gang of real-life gangsters, the aptly dubbed Gangster Disciples.

They argued that he’d ripped them off and mocked one of the gang’s founders in his music, and urged him to steer clear of their territory unless he wanted to suffer serious bodily harm – only put in less delicate terms.

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