Rick Ross Blames Promoter for Tour Cancellation, Does Not Feel Threatened

Ross will not be paying royalties to the Gangster Disciples

Rick Ross explains that he canceled the Maybach Music Group Tour because of issues with his promoter. He insists the tour cancellation had nothing to do with threats on his life made by the Gangster Disciples gang.

“I canceled the rest of the tour due to the promoter, he wasn't really handlin' his business,” he is quoted by Hollywood Gossip as saying.

“I just felt like that was some power that I needed to take away from homey, so I canceled the rest of the dates that I had arranged with him. Once they began to unravel, I shut it down. Never was it due to any threats,” he adds.

The disciples demand he “cut a check” for his use of Larry Hoover's name. Hoover is one of the infamous founders of the gang.

According to Yazmar, the rapper responds that he will pay no royalties to the imprisoned gang boss, and dubs their claims illegal.

“So if you screamin’, ‘Cut a check, we need a check.’ Ain’t no checks gettin’ cut. Ain’t never no checks gettin’ cut. I don’t play those games. [...] I consider that extortion, we don’t play like that,” he reports.

The singer is not scared, because, as he says, “Ricky Ross is a boss,” while gang members can only stand against him in groups.

“Any dude can stand in a crowd with 30 or 40 dudes and everybody real, everybody trill, everybody ’bout that life, everybody gangsta. But when the choppers come out, everybody fold,” he describes.

“You can't cancel a Ricky Ross show without Ricky Ross' permission,” he stresses.

As we reported before, Chicago PD is investigating the threats against the gangsta rapper, allegedly posted on YouTube by the Gangster Disciples.

Many in the media world pointed out that the Rock Ross situation was only caused by him pretending to be a “real” gangster, which angered gang bosses.

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