“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Cast Stops by Bethenny, Causes Uproar – Video

Audience reacts to the stars of E!’s new docu-series – and it’s not pretty

On Sunday night, E! premiered a new docu-series that will make even the Kardashians bow their head in shame: it’s called “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and documents the lives of a group of, what else?, rich kids as they juggle shopping, partying, and vacationing.

All five members of the cast, 2 boys and 3 girls, stopped by Bethenny the other night ahead of Monday’s second episode, to promote the show, but the reaction wasn’t exactly what they expected.

In other words, as the video below will confirm, Bethenny’s audience turned on them because their show is nothing but their way of shoving people’s face into their opulent lifestyle.

While that is absolutely true (this is just another one of those series that viewers hate-watch), the five new reality stars aren’t the first to blame for the fact that their series made it on air. Those would be the producers and then the network carrying it but, if you’re really looking to blame someone, you should probably blame the people who watch this type of shows.

If no one tuned in, no one would make them, it’s that simple. Since that will never happen, my guess is “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” will have a long life on TV.

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