Rhapsody Launches SongMatch App for Android

A new application for discovering songs, artists and more

On Wednesday, Rhapsody announced the launch of a new mobile application for Android devices, called Rhapsody SongMatch and destined to provide users with the possibility to discover music with only one click.

The new app takes advantage of the phone’s hardware to listen to the song that is currently playing in the background, regardless of the location, and to identify the artist, song name and album.

The new application was made available for download for free, and also provides Rhapsody subscribers with the possibility to easily listen and download full tracks of matched songs.

Furthermore, it also enables them to access the artist catalog or discover similar artists, while automatically saving all matched songs to a playlist for future access.

For non-subscribers, a hassle-free Rhapsody trial is available so as to provide them with a glimpse at the features and capabilities that the app and service have to offer.

“Our customers are music lovers who tell us they use a variety of mobile apps to solve their listening needs and discover new music,” said Paul Springer, senior vice president, worldwide product and design, Rhapsody.

“But they get frustrated with advertisements and the lack of full playback. We built Rhapsody SongMatch to seamlessly integrate with our core experience to connect the fun and convenience of mobile apps with full on-demand playback for both subscribers and new customers.”

Additionally, the company announced its plans to develop and release new purpose-built music apps that would complement Rhapsody’s premium on-demand music service.

The app was developed in collaboration with Gracenote and recognize songs through matching them against the unique audio fingerprints available in the Gracenote database.

“SongMatch is a great way to introduce new music fans to Rhapsody,” said Springer. “We’ll continue to focus on using over a decade’s worth of experience to solve customer challenges in discovering and playing the right music, right now.“

The Rhapsody SongMatch application is available only for Android devices at the moment, but it will arrive on more platforms in the near future. It can be downloaded through Softpedia as well, via this link.

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