Rex Mundi Hackers Say They Will Sell "Buy Way" Data to Other Belgian Company

Buy Way says it hasn't paid the cybercriminals any money

On January 26, Red Mundi hackers were supposed to publish the information they had stolen from the systems of Belgian financial company Buy Way. However, instead of the data leak, they have posted a message saying that they’ve received an offer from another Belgian firm that wants to buy the information.

“Yesterday, we received an offer from a Belgian company to purchase Buy Way's data. We will therefore not release it to the gen public,” the hackers wrote on Twitter.

Shortly after the news broke out about the blackmail attempt, Buy Way representatives stated that they would not be paying any money to the hackers.

“Buy Way has no intention to pay anything to Rex Mundi. We decided to do like this for ethical reasons and mainly because we refuse to finance crime economy,” Thierry Genard, head of compliance and litigation at Buy Way Personal Finance, told Softpedia at the time.

Today, Genard has confirmed that the company hasn’t paid any money to the hackers.

“All we can say about the potential purchasing of our data is that we haven't any confirmation about this kind of deal. But we stay aware and ready to contact skilled authorities in case of it will be true,” he told us.

It’s uncertain what Belgian company has offered to buy the information but, according to Buy Way, the hackers have managed to steal only the contact details of 545 potential customers.

The stolen information – comprising names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses and loan information – could be used for several purposes, including for spam and telemarketing campaigns.

However, if the buyer is a legitimate company, it might be one of Buy Way’s competitors.

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