Revelations Was Inspired by 3DS Port for Resident Evil 5

The game contributed to the experience in Mercenaries

The inspiration for the 3DS-based Revelations Resident Evil title came during the development process for the spin-off The Mercenaries 3D, when the team working on the game managed to make the older fifth core game in the series to run on the Nintendo-made handheld.

Some players have complained that the game failed to actually be scary, but the developers believe that fear is a difficult feeling to simulate accurately.

Koshi Nakanishi, a developer working at Capcom, told Iwata during one of his development roundtables that, “But fear, even as far as emotions go, is difficult. Resident Evil surprises you, somewhat like a haunted mansion, but even though they are seeing the same thing, there are people who get scared and people who don’t.”

Initially, the 3DS port for Resident Evil 5 was designed to just offer a test platform and serve as proof of concept, but the team was so pleased with the result that it created an entire game.

Masachicka Kawata, another producer that was involved with Revelations, adds, “And by making Mercenaries first, I feel like we were able to determine the capabilities of Nintendo 3DS. In terms of it being a developmental challenge, I would say that Mercenaries is the one that’s really pushing it hardware-wise.”

Resident Evil: Revelations was not particularly well received by the fan community.

Capcom was also affected by the recent launch of Resident Evil 6, which performed worse than expected on launch, and was forced to limit its financial perspectives for the current year.

The game offered three core campaigns and a secret one featuring some of the best-known characters of the bio-terror-powered series, but gamers were unwilling to invest emotion and the game failed to scare the majority once again.

Capcom has not yet announced another entry in the Resident Evil series.

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