Rev. Al Sharpton Tweets Michael Jackson’s Funeral

Fans get access to the ceremony where cameras were off-limits

The Jackson family is still shocked and outraged that certain media organizations have violated the no-fly zone over Forest Lawn and have aired footage of the funeral service held there last week for Michael Jackson. At the same time, it has emerged that Rev. Al Sharpton covered the entire event in posts on his Twitter page in an attempt to keep fans up-to-date with what was happening with the body of their idol, E! Online says.

Strangely enough, although admittedly overwhelmed with the emotion of such a solemn event, the Reverend did not even wait to get home to Tweet about it. Instead, he did so right during the ceremony, as he was talking to the other guests (all close friends or family) and even preparing to take the stage to speak before Michael’s body was laid into the ground. Given that this was a no-camera event that aimed to be a very private matter only for the Jacksons and those that Michael considered friends, perhaps the Reverend’s gesture was a bit off limits, several US publications are now saying.

“I am sitting at the burial services of michael Jackson. I am talking to actress lisaraye mc coy… and tom mesereau.” Sharpton says in one Tweet. “Tom represented MJ in the molestation case. We are all discussing his battles. This is a real moment for those who witnessed what he,” the Reverend writes, cutting off mid-sentence when he runs out of characters. Luckily for Michael Jackson fans keeping an eye on the respective Twitter page, Sharpton soon returns with more updates.

“What MJ went through was so unfair, yet he succeeded. In the end, he was the biggest artist ever. He faced the headwinds but he made it.” Sharpton writes. Later on, he also adds another Tweet, this time about his speech. “Just spoke at the conclusion of tributes. Glady knight sang her heart out. Now we prepare to lay him top rest.” the message reads. “MICHAEL JACKSON HAS BEENb [sic] LAID TO REST.” the Reverend ends by saying.

As noted above, Rev. Sharpton was not the only celebrity to Tweet on Michael Jackson’s exclusive funeral ceremony, although he is, as of now, the only one to do so while it was still going on. As E! Online informs, Kenny Ortega, the man who was helping the late King of Pop do the “This Is It” series of shows, also Tweeted on the ceremony, but he only did so after it ended and he arrived home, and only to speak of the immense sadness he felt towards the end of the service.

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