Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop Receives Scoreboard Update

The latest version of this cooperative mode can be downloaded from Softpedia

Return To Castle Wolfenstein, a first-person shooter released back in 2001, with Activision as publisher, now has a cooperative mode that was just updated by its developers.

We covered Return To Castle Wolfenstein last week and the conclusion is that the idea of making this clearly single-player game into a cooperative one was an excellent one.

The new version released by the development team, 0.9.1, brings some major improvements to the scoreboard and the award system.

Highlights of Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop:

• !quit has been added as a consolecommand, so users can press ! tab enter to quit quickly;

• The shove command was added. Users can press the +activate button to shove a player, but must be enabled on the server with g_shove and g_shoveamount;

• Support for the color tags from ET has been introduced;

• Some fun stats on the endmap scoreboard, destroyer award, airbourne award and pickup award, have been added;

• Limbo mode is now forced when using flagzone respawn, as time is controlled with g_limbotime;

• A possible divide by zero situation which could have resulted in a server crash has been repaired;

• logexit printing has been repaired, so only players are reported;

• No more broadcasting of dead bodies, this should keep fps higher;

• Some AI related fixes where the AI code was depending on player '0' have been implemented;

• The foundsecret text print is now shown to the correct player and also gives the correct player the points.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement.

All single-player levels in Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop were modified for cooperative play, up to 8 players. Extra enemies were added, along with their skill level so that it's still a challenge.

Download Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop 0.9.1 right now from Softpedia.

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