Respected Cooler Maker Scythe Shuts Down for Unknown Reasons

The websites are still online, but that probably won't last long

As far as business shutdown notices go, the one Scythe has posted on its USA website is among the shortest we've ever seen, not to mention one of the least informative ever.

Sure, it makes it rather clear that the company is shutting down operations, but it does not say why or when, exactly, it will be totally out of the market.

As such, we can only try to guess why Scythe would up and leave, and it is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Unlike other companies whose troubles are well documented (most notably Sharp, AMD, Sony), Scythe hasn't shown signs of poor finances.

This might be due to an oversight on the part of the media, but it belies the abruptness of the short explanatory cyber note.

What's more, there is essentially no reason Scythe would be doing worse than other cooler makers, as its world-class coolers are quite popular on the high-end market and don't cost too much.

“Scythe USA has been a supplier of Scythe products for the past several years. In November 2012, Scythe USA had to make a difficult decision to end its operations as a result of the closure of its parent company. We greatly appreciate your business and support over the years,” said Masahiro Sakai, chief executive officer of Scythe, on the Scythe USA page.

One possible reason for this outcome is the Japan market. After the disaster on March 11, the country's economy suffered a huge hit.

Scythe, being a provider of not just PC coolers but PSUs, cases and accessories for consumer electronics, conducts much of its business in that country, especially in regard to the latter product category.

Nevertheless, this is only guesswork, so we cannot know for sure why Scythe, or its parent company for that matter, is shutting down, or if its staff and employees will get together to start a different business.

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