Respawn: Titanfall Does Not Include Any On-Disk DLC

The team does not want to disappoint players and will focus on future content

The development team at Respawn Entertainment says that the retail disk for the recently launched Titanfall does not include any downloadable content because such a move would be disrespectful to the player base.

Abbie Heppe, a community manager working at the studio, tells TotalXbox that, "Nobody wants to have a disc and then have something that’s unlocked on the disc and be like why are you charging me for something that you shipped with the game?’. But that said, we’re a multiplayer game and you have to support multiplayer games after launch."

The fact that DLC is not offered on the game disk does not mean that Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts do not have long-term plans to support Titanfall.

A Season Pass for the game was confirmed before it launched and will give all those who purchase it access to three packs that are confirmed to include new maps and will also probably have other content.

Heppe adds, "The community wants it, we want it, and it certainly is the standard. But again, some of that comes from, OK you guys have played the game now, what did you like, what do you want'', and seeing what we can feasibly do within the time periods that we have to get it done."

Titanfall is available on the Xbox One from Microsoft and on the PC starting today in North America and will also launch this Friday on European markets.

The title is also expected to arrive with a two-week delay on the Xbox 360 and all the downloadable content is currently set to arrive on all the platforms, although the next-gen device might get an exclusivity period.

Respawn Entertainment has said that Titanfall is designed to offer a revolutionary first-person shooter experience, which is focused on the extra mobility included in the core mechanics and the options that it opens up for players on the battlefield.

Gamers will start out as Pilots, moving around the map to take out their enemies and Artificial Intelligence controlled grunts, before mechs are called in so that they can deliver extra destruction and create more chaos.

Titanfall is focused on a six versus six mode, but there are also other options for players to discover.

The game is seen as one of the best chances that the Xbox One has to close the sales gap that has been opening up to the rival PlayStation 4 from Sony.

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