Resistance Collection Out in North America on December 5

PS3 owners can re-experience the classic first-person shooters

Insomniac Games has confirmed that it’s going to deploy the Resistance Collection in North America on December 5, allowing all PlayStation 3 owners to re-experience the classic first-person shooters made by the studio.

The launch of the PlayStation 3 was accompanied by a gritty shooter called Resistance: Fall of Man, made by Insomniac Games.

Since then, two other games have been made by the studio for the home console, culminating with Resistance 3, while two more titles have been released by other Sony teams for the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita.

Now, the PS3 games in the series are getting ready to be re-released in the form of a special Resistance Collection, which has now received an actual release date in North America of December 5.

“Resistance started as I-8, a return to Insomniac’s roots making first-person shooters (Disruptor was our first-ever game on PSOne),” the studio’s James Stevenson said on the PS blog.

“It evolved from a space opera featuring lizard-like aliens into an alternate history World War I shooter, before eventually evolving into the 1950s-era game that launched alongside PS3.”

“Over the three titles, we had an incredible experience developing the Resistance franchise for PlayStation fans. From Resistance: Fall of Man’s 40-player multiplayer, to Resistance 2’s 8-player online co-op, to Resistance 3’s heroic survival of Joseph Capelli in a brutal world, everyone at Insomniac is incredibly proud of what we accomplished with the Resistance trilogy. For all of you who haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, the trilogy gives you the opportunity to experience them now.”

Besides featuring the three actual first-person shooters, the Resistance Collection also includes all the downloadable content made for the games, including Resistance 2’s Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack, Skin Bundle, and Wraith Skin multiplayer weapon, as well as Resistance 3’s Brutality and Survival packs.

The Resistance Collection is out in the U.S. on December 5 and is set to cost $39.99 (around €31.33).

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