Resident Evil 6’s Campaigns Will Have Different Horror Elements

Chris Redfield's story focuses on action, while Leon's campaign has plenty of horror

Resident Evil 6 will have three different campaigns that focus on the three protagonists of the game and, while they take a total of 30 hours to complete, each will still feature horror elements besides action ones.

With Resident Evil 6, Capcom is trying to mix both classic Resident Evil experiences, which had survival horror gameplay, with newer titles in the series, which featured an emphasis on action.

We’ve already heard Capcom reassure fans that there will still be plenty of horror elements in the new game, and now Eiichiro Sasaki, the producer of the game, has talked in-depth about this aspect.

According to the developer, each campaign has a different feel, and features various degrees of horror elements. While the story of Chris Redfield focuses on action, like Resident Evil 5, players who engage Leon S. Kennedy’s campaign will experience something similar to Resident Evil 4.

"Chris' campaign is an action-based thing," he told CVG, "but we're still trying to bring horror elements to each of them in their own way, and even an action story can have elements of horror that you can't do in, say, Leon's story - that greater intensity and pressure."

"We're really trying to recreate the horrific atmosphere fans remember from the first Resident Evils and going for more gothic horror feel for Leon's part of the story.”

What’s more, Resident Evil 6 will deliver these horror moments, alongside story ones, not only through cinematic cutscenes, but also throughout the gameplay experience, according to the Capcom producer.

"But usually we left every big story moment to the big cut-scenes. This time we wanted to bring that home to the player and make that more immediate. We tried to add those elements to the game itself and bring the player closer to those dramatic elements."

Resident Evil 6 is now scheduled to appear on October 2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, while a PC version will be launched soon after that.

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