Resident Evil 6 on the PC Has Exclusive The Mercenaries: No Mercy Mode

THe game will also receive all previously released features and modes

Capcom has just revealed a few more details aboutt he upcoming PC version of Resident Evil 6, confirming that an exclusive mode will be included in this edition of the zombie shooter - The Mercenaries: No Mercy.

Resident Evil 6 already appeared on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms last year and, despite the fact that not a lot of fans approved of the new direction in which the franchise headed, it still sold quite a lot of copies all around the world.

Capcom is now preparing to debut Resident Evil 6 on the PC platform and already confirmed late last year that the new version of the game will make its debut in March.

Now, the Japanese company has confirmed that the PC version of Resident Evil 6 includes a special The Mercenaries: No Mercy mode, which should take advantage of the platform's increased power.

"The Mercenaries: No Mercy takes fan favorite The Mercenaries and ramps up the gameplay even further. More enemies on screen than ever before will provide a greater challenge, but also the opportunity for players to use their skills to rack up even higher combo scores," the company revealed in a statement.

Resident Evil 6 for the PC will also include plenty of features that were added to the console versions of the game through different updates, including "access to Ada Wong’s campaign from the outset along with the option to play this campaign with a co-op partner, and the ability to fine tune the in-game camera."

What's more, post-launch game modes, like Survivors, Predator, Onslaught, and Siege will also be added to the PC version of Resident Evil 6 shortly after its release.

Resident Evil 6 is set to make its debut onto the PC worldwide on March 22. It will be available as a digital download in North America and both as a download and as a retail version in Europe.

The game is set to take full advantage of the special REnet online service and will cost $39.99/€29.99/£19.99.

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