Researchers Uncover New Imuler OS X Trojan Designed to Target Tibetan Activists

The malware is designed to steal sensitive information

Researchers from security firm Intego have identified a new variant of the Imuler OS X Trojan that has mainly been utilized against Tibetan activists.

The developers of OSX/Imuler.E are trying to install their creation on the computers of activists by using group photos of the members of Tibetan organizations.

Similar to the previous versions, Imuler.E is designed to steal information from the infected devices by making screenshots and by searching the system for user data.

Then, the malware uploads the stolen information to its control server.

In order to associate the targeted device with the information it retrieves, a unique identifier is created for each Mac.

Besides stealing valuable details, Imuler.E is also capable of downloading additional files onto the infected system.

Intego has updated its virus definition database to ensure that their customers are protected against this latest threat.

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