Rescued Turkey Thinks It’s a Dog, “Barks” Every Once in a While

Cranberry the turkey also enjoys walks and life in a kennel

A turkey named Cranberry is presently going through a very serious identity crisis. Thus, the bird is convinced that it is in fact a dog, and even has the barks to show it (or, better said, it thinks it does).

Owners Jerry and Dawn Watkins from Bristol explain that, almost immediately after they adopted Cranberry and brought it home, the bird became best friends with the family's pet Labradors.

Most likely because it wanted to fit in, Cranberry started behaving more like a dog and less like a turkey as the days went by, and soon enough it moved in with the two dogs in their kennel, sources say.

According to Ms. Watkins, “She's now got her own dog bowl for her corn and occasional dog biscuits to stop her stealing food from the dogs.”

Furthermore, “Every morning, we let them out and the dogs follow her around.”

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