Reptile Guards Pot Stash, Dies After Authorities Recover It

"Mr. Teeth," the caiman, was found in a house in Castro Valley, California

A man in Castro Valley reportedly had his pet, pictured above, guarding a large amount of marijuana. The large reptile went by the name of Mr. Teeth.

"Mr. Teeth" was a 5-foot (1.7-m) long caiman, who acted as the guardian for a 34-pound (15.5-kg) stash of Assif Mayar, 32.

Police found it during a raid, in the man's bedroom. They seized it and took it to the Oakland Zoo, where it was supposed to stop its career in drugs and live out the rest of its life in peace.

Unfortunately, things didn't go so well for this reptile, as it died soon after. I guess it’s not safe to let your caiman guard your drugs. According to the Daily Democrat, "Mr. Teeth" was already ill when it arrived at the zoo.

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