Reporters Without Borders Site Hacked, Abused in Watering Hole Attacks

Cybercriminals continue to exploit IE and Java vulnerabilities

The website of Reporters Without Borders – the international non-governmental organization that militates for freedom of information and freedom of the press – has been hacked and abused in the latest watering hole campaign.

As Avast! experts highlight, the cybercriminals don’t seem to mind the fact that Microsoft has addressed the Internet Explorer vulnerability and Oracle has fixed the Java flaw they’re exploiting in this operation.

The attackers – most likely from China – continue to exploit these security holes in an effort to target various organizations, such as the Hong Kong political party, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Capstone Turbine Corporation, and Uygur organizations.

They’re probably counting on the fact that most organizations don’t update their software as quickly as they should.

Avast! has published a detailed analysis of these latest attacks. Those interested in the technical side of such campaigns can check out the security firm’s blog.

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