Reporter Attacked by Wild Bird, Incident Caught on Tape

Check out a video of a territorial wild turkey with attitude issues

A wild turkey has been caught on tape attacking a human on a highway. This video has been spreading like wildfire online, and featured above is one version, uploaded by YouTube user gvhhulqd.

The clip was apparently shot when a Swedish reporter, scheduled to do a segment on a freeway, ran into a large bird that really didn't like him.

Although turkeys are usually nothing to be scared about, in this case, I can see why the man is running away from the rather aggressive and territorial bird.

He keeps trying to get away from it but it doesn't let up, chasing him around as the cameraman films the incident, doing nothing to step in.

By the end of the clip, he gives up and gets in his car, proving once again that humans are the smarter and more easily scared species.

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