Report Highlights Change in Online Video Ad Trends

Over the second quarter of 2011, online video ad trends have shifted to the classic TV model, with several advertising breaks during long video content. This according to a report by FreeWheel, a company renown for its online ad management and delivery services.

The study showcases how content suppliers are moving away from the pre-video ad delivery model and adopting the classic ad delivery scheme introduced in the mid '70s TV era.

Due to higher completion rates (user watching the entire ad), companies are opting more and more for breaking up the video and inserting ads before, during and after the video itself.

While short length content still out-masses mid and long form videos, advertisers and content delivery networks are getting more results from ads supplied in the later categories.

The report shows an 81% ad completion rate for long-form content, 71% for mid-form content, compared to only 59% for short-form videos.

Placing the ads is also seeing a shift. While until know ads where regularly shown before the video, advertisers are recording a higher completion rate for ads shown in the middle of the video.

This is valid for all kind of videos, short, mid and long-form.

Ads shown in the middle of video rolls are totally outperforming pre-roll and post-roll ads, with a plus 94% completion rate, compared to a maximum 76% completion rate for any pre or post-roll ad, in any kind of video content length.

The number of ads delivered in long-form content is also on the rise, managing an average of 2.91 ads per video, compared to only 0.43 ads per video in short-form content.

Preferred video ad length is still the 15 seconds format (44% of all ads), but mainly because most online videos are still in short-form, advertisers opting to align ad length with video quantity.

This is expected to change, as delivery networks will shift from short videos to fully-fledged online TV shows, which will then bring into play more of the TV advertising model, with its 30 seconds ads or even longer and more frequent breaks.

For more statistics, check out the FreeWheel report.

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