Rent a Boyfriend for New Year's Service Makes a Splash in China

Hiring a date for a family meal goes for RMB100 ($16 / €12)

A boyfriend rental business is proving successful among women in China, as the New Year approaches.

For career-oriented female residents living away from home, The Chinese New Year comes with the added pressure of having to deal with family expectations about their love lives.

“Some are divorced, some want help getting rid of another boyfriend, some don’t want to go to a wedding by themselves,” explains Mr. Zhou, offering his services as a pretend-boyfriend one can take home to meet the parents.

“I’m healthy and have no indecent addictions (such as smoking, drinking, playing mahjong, etc.), although I can certainly take on the addictions if a client needs,” he says in his personal ad, according to a report by The Globe and Mail., a Chinese alternative to eBay, is flooded with similar posts. City Weekend features one of them, detailing that hiring him for a party costs RMB15 ($2.4 / €1.8) per hour, while a family meal goes for RMB100 ($16 / €12), hugs and kisses not included.

“I will cooperate with you by being a funny and interesting boyfriend to make you a enjoyable Chinese New Year,” the professional boyfriend writes.

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