Remember Me's Nilin Goes Against the While Male Hero Stereotype

The mixed-race young woman can handle herself in all sorts of situations

Remember Me, the new action adventure game from French studio Dontnod and Capcom, features a mixed-race female heroine which, according to co-founder Jean-Maxime Moris, goes against the current white male hero stereotype that's been dominating the gaming industry.

One of the most interesting games showcased back at Gamescom 2012 this summer was Remember Me, a special cross between an adventure game and a fighting one set in a cyberpunk future and starring a female heroine called Nilin.

According to the co-founder of developer Dontnod, the main character goes against the current stereotypical video game hero, which is usually a white male, as Nilin is a mixed-race young woman who can handle herself in a variety of situations.

"We wanted Nilin to stand out," Moris told CVG.

"I think these sort of issues become self-fulfilling prophesies; people saying that only white males sell so then everyone only does white males. If you start believing these things you get your head inside this cold marketing strategy that you cannot get your head around. It becomes a pretty [expletive] racist and misogynistic way of thinking about lead characters."

Moris also emphasizes that Remember Me will have a linear story that allows the studio to create a great narrative around Nilin and to bind it with fun gameplay.

"We are essentially directing Nilin's story here - it is a very linear game, in terms of both navigating the landscape and narrative. This was an important conscious choice for us. We want to have much control over the scene - the events and the emotions that the player has to go through."

Remember Me is Dontnod's debut title and Capcom has already confirmed that it has worked alongside the French studio and given its valuable input in regards to the combat mechanics through one of its Street Fighter designers.

The action game is currently scheduled to appear in May of 2013, for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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