Remember Me Blends Combat with Adventure Gameplay

The game wants to deliver an experience accessible to all players

Remember Me, the impressive cyberpunk action game from Dontnod Entertainment, blends fast-paced combat with lots of adventure mechanics, at least according to the studio's co-founder, Jean-Maxime Moris.

Gamescom 2012 saw the announcement of plenty of big titles, but one of the few all-new properties was Remember Me.

With a story reminiscent of the movie Inception, a cyberpunk setting and a mixed-race heroine called Nillin, Remember Me is definitely looking like an impressive debut for French studio Dontnod Entertainment.

The company's co-founder, Jean-Maxime Moris, has talked with CVG about the core mechanics of the title, emphasizing that its gameplay is split between combat and adventure.

"At its very core, Remember Me is a third-person action adventure game driven by narrative. In order to tell the story, we need some variation in gameplay. In terms of action, we try to split it fifty per cent combat and fifty per cent adventure."

Both aspects of Remember Me's gameplay will deliver interesting experiences and there are quite a few layers that will reward all sorts of players, according to Moris.

"On the combat side we have features such as performing combos and finishing moves, and there are a secondary layer of actions that players can explore too. And there's a third layer that's going to come on top of that which we think will make the gameplay really deep and accessible, but I can't really talk about that right now."

"On the adventure side, we have the classic platforming and navigation, but we also have this unique adventure game mode too. Because there's lots to it, what we don't want is for this game to feel like a collection of mini-games; it needs to feel right and driven by the narrative."

Moris also highlighted the fact that Nillin goes against the regular white, male hero stereotype and it seems that the game is also trying to deliver a more evolved experience.

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