Release Dates for Halo 4 DLC Map Packs Leaked

Find out when the Crimson, Majestic, and Castle War Games add-ons will be released

Actual release dates for the War Games map packs for Halo 4 have been leaked online by a special ad on the German Xbox 360 dashboard, confirming just when owners of the game are going to be able to buy the Crimson, Majestic, and Castle map packs.

Halo 4 came out at the beginning of the month and delivered a variety of great experiences through its single-player, multiplayer, and cooperative Spartan Ops campaigns.

Besides the weekly downloadable Spartan Ops episodes, 343 Industries is also working hard on three different multiplayer map packs that will be released for Halo 4.

We’ve already heard some details about the maps, which can be purchased as part of a War Games Pass bundle, and now actual release dates for the three packs have been leaked online, thanks to an ad for German Xbox 360 users.

The ad, which can be seen above via the MP1st, confirms that the Crimson pack is out on December 10, the Majestic one on February 25, and the Castle DLC on April 1.

In case you forgot just what’s included in each map pack, check out their official descriptions below, which we revealed last month.

Crimson Map Pack

Maps: Wreckage, Harvest, Shatter

Description: Witness the chaos of a clash of civilizations in Wreckage, with its blend of claustrophobic spaces and dangerous exposures and venture into the human colony environs of Harvest, and explore a human foray on an alien moon in Shatter.

Majestic Map Pack

Maps: Landfall, Monolith, Skyline

Description: Landfall's emphasis is on infantry battles against a glittering ocean on a distant world, while Monolith exposes you to the naked vacuum of space - and the firepower of opposing teams, and Skyline's distinctly industrial feel provides new challenges in somewhat familiar, but occasionally confined spaces.

Castle Map Pack

Maps: Daybreak, Outcast, Perdition

Description: Daybreak is set in a military facility against the backdrop of an idyllic mountain range, while Outcast plunges you into the warrens, canyons and arches of an alien edifice, and Perdition takes players into the heart of an urban sprawl, with tactical speed and situational awareness its key features.

As of yet, Microsoft hasn’t commented on this leak, but the release dates do match with the launch periods given by the company last month.

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