Reese Witherspoon Flashes Secret Tummy Tattoo on the Beach

Newlywed Reese Witherspoon spent the Fourth of July holiday weekend at the beach with her family: husband Jim Toth and her two kids, Ava and Deacon. While at the beach, a gush of wind revealed her secret (until now) tattoo on her lower abdomen.

Though she never showed it off on purpose, it is a known fact that Reese had a star tattoo precisely on the spot where she got the new ink, Too Fab writes.

This could only mean that the new ink incorporates the original star, with the e-zine saying that she probably got it for new husband Jim.

Because the photos taken on the beach are rather blurry, one can’t make out what the tatt stands for, but Too Fab believes it’s of two birds in mid-flight.

“Reese, who reportedly had a blue star tattoo on her stomach for a while now, was spotted on the beach with a much larger tatt in the same spot. The new ink appears to be two birds around the original star,” the publication writes.

“The body art is a bit of a surprise for one of Hollywood’s good girls, but does show a common interest with her heavily tatted ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, who once covered a tattoo magazine,” Too Fab adds.

It’s not so much that Reese has a tattoo that’s surprising, but the fact that she got such a big piece done, other voices in the blogosphere argue.

They also say that Reese’s new tattoo is not of two birds but of some sort of quote.

“Sporting a white bikini and a denim button-up shirt, the California gusts certainly weren’t Witherspoon’s friends as the wind blew open her discrete cover-up to reveal a lettered tattoo across her mid-section,” PopEater writes.

One thing is certain: given that she’s not the type to pose in outfits that would expose her tummy, chances are it will be another long while until fans can have a proper look at the new ink. Follow the links in the text for photos.

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