Redmond Changes Strategy: Windows Server 2012 R2 Gets Full Linux Support

Microsoft promises that 2012 R2 makes it a lot easier to run Linux in the cloud

Steve Ballmer’s new vision of focusing on devices and services also comes with a big bet on cloud computing, so it’s no surprise that Microsoft is investing a fortune in this kind of products.

The Softies have since changed their strategy and are now turning to one of their biggest rivals, just to make sure that their cloud plans go right.

Corporate Vice President for Windows Server and System Center Brad Anderson announced in a blog post that Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 were the best choices for running Linux in the cloud, as the two products had been updated to provide a very smooth experience.

“Some of the work we are doing at Microsoft involves working directly with the Linux community and contributing the technology that really enables Hyper-V and Windows to be the best cloud for Linux,” Anderson explained.

Microsoft has tried to make sure that Linux users get the same support as Windows constumers when running on Hyper-V, the tech giant’s virtualization engine that’s now fully supported on both platforms.

“Microsoft will continue the cycle of enhancing the Linux Integration Services to match new Hyper-V capabilities, contributing the enhancements to the Linux kernel through the community process, and then working with distribution vendors to incorporate the latest LIS into new Linux distribution versions,” the Microsoft exec continued.

Ironically, Anderson has also said what’s pretty much obvious after reading this announcement: Microsoft would do almost anything just to make sure that you go for its cloud services. The company hopes that users would actually use Windows and Hyper-V to access Linux in the cloud than to set up Linux server software.

“Microsoft is committed to being your cloud partner. This vision ensures we remain realistic – we know that users are going to build applications on open source operating systems, so we have built a powerful set of tools for hosting and managing them,” Anderson concluded.

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