RedHack Leaks Data from Turkish National Police

The hackers claim they found pirated software on their servers

A document revealing close to 900 record numbers, names, email addresses and passwords belonging to the staffers of Turkey’s National Police have been published online by members of the RedHack collective.

According to, the group, founded in 1997, targeted the police website because it’s the place where data from applications such as E-State and E-Police are centralized.

“We also held a grudge against Ankara police for their brutality against Tekel workers and their arbitrary blacklisting of citizens. Everyone can forget, but communists do not,” the hackers said.

They claim that they stole some secret files that contain data on informants, along with passwords that can be utilized to access the email accounts of police officials from all over Turkey.

In addition, the hacktivists report that they were astonished by the fact that the classic “123456” password was used to protect “secret files,” but also by the fact that a lot of pirated software was found on the institution’s servers.

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