RedHack Claims to Have Hacked Turkish Finance Ministry, Officials Deny It

The hacktivists are protesting against the small salary raises of civil servants

Earlier today, members of the notorious RedHack hacktivist collective claimed they had breached into the systems of Turkey’s Ministry of Finance as a form of protest against the fact that the salary raises of civil servants had been “ridiculously small.”

However, according to the Daily Hurriyet, officials from Turkey’s Finance Ministry have denied that the hackers have breached their networks. They highlight the fact that the ministry’s systems have been “working without any problem.”

Turkish authorities have named RedHack as a terrorist group. Prosecutors are now trying to convict several alleged members of the collective to 24 years in prison for the cyberattacks they’ve launched against government systems over the past years.

The trial began on November 26. In response, Anonymous hacktivists have launched an operation called “Operation Support RedHack.”

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