RedHack Breaches Istanbul Administration Site, Hackers Claim to Have Erased Debts has been taken offline following the data breach

The notorious RedHack collective has breached another major website of the Turkish government, the one of the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration (

The hackers claim that, by penetrating the organization’s systems, they’ve been able to erase people's debts to water, gas, Internet, electricity, and telephone companies.

In addition, RedHack has published a username and a password to allow others to access the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration’s systems.

At the time of writing, the website has been taken offline, most likely to prevent people from illegally accessing their systems.

In the meantime, protests continue in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city. A few hours ago, The Guardian reported that hundreds of protesters set up barricades and lighted small bonfires in a residential area.

Initially, riot police didn’t intervene, but later they started firing teargas while water cannon trucks stepped in to disperse the protesters.

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